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Find Meaning in Biological Data

We are biologists, computer scientists and informaticians interested in decoding 'OMICS' data. Our goal is to promote and train researchers in Latin America the use of open source software in Bioinformatics using the Bioconductor project.

Start Here

Latin American Bioconductor (LAb) Foundation Inauguration

Lab Foundation

Latin America Bioconductor Foundation inauguration and Cancer Epigneomics Workshop August 25, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil


Cancer Epigenomics Workshop 2014

Cancer Epigenomics Workshop

Brazilian 2014 Cancer Epigenomics Workshop is an international forum of world renowned scientists in the area of cancer epigenomics and bioinformatics. In collaboration with the 60th Society of Brazilian Genetics Congress and the Latin American Bioconductor Foundation, we have put together a series of talks and hands-on training. The workshop will include high-level science talks plus a short course on bioinformatics using open source statistical tool – ‘R’ ( and Bioconductor ( or to analyze large-scale biological data. Bioconductor is a community driven platform, devoted to providing resources (via packages) for molecular biologist, computational biologist and bioinformatician interested in using R to analyze big bio-data, such as microarray and next-generation sequencing.

We look forward to having you in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil (2014).

Summer Bioinformatics Course at FMRP/USP 2014

summer course bioinformatics brasil brazilWe are pleased to announce our 10th Summer Bioinformatics course to be held in Jan/Feb 2014. The title of the course is “R/Bioconductor: Decoding “OMICS” Data.

The advent of large scale sequencing data have increased significantly during the past few years and many big and small laboratories, are utilizing this technology to answer very specific biological questions. For example, one might be interested in understanding the genomic changes of the DNA methylation pattern between normal and tumor samples. In this course, we will explore a facet of different bioinformatic tools and methods used in the genomic field to assist in interpreting and analyzing large-scale data. We will introduce methods to identify handle and process sequencing data using R/Bioconductor, a popular tool used to explore and visualize large-scale data.


Learn more, visit

School of advanced studies in Genomics

The event “Decoding the noncoding DNA” will take place at FMRP in Ribeirão Preto. To learn more, visit

59th Society of Brazilian Genetics Meeting

The Brazilian Genetics Society holds its next meeting in the city of Águas de Lindenow, the Convention Center Hotel Monte Real Resort, 16-19 of September. The theme of the 59th Congress of the SBG will be ’60 years post-DNA’, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the elucidation of the structure of DNA by Watson and Crick.

60th Anniversary of the DNA

June 4, 2013 – FMRP/USP hosted an event to commemorate the discovery of the structure of the DNA (60 years) and human genome sequence (10 years). For more information, visit this site: